Different Types of CCTV Cameras


Ensure you make the right choice of camera – according to your needs and objectives:

  • Day/Night Camera – Thanks to their extra sensitive imaging chips theses cameras are able to capture clear video images in the dark.  That is why these cameras are ideal for outdoor surveillance applications.  These cameras are able to record video in both black and white and in colour.  
  • Bullet Camera – These cameras are ideal for outdoor use, specifically where long distance viewing is required.  These cameras are protected against dust, dirt and other natural elements by a protective casing.  These compact size cameras have high quality image resolution and IR night vision. 
  • PTZ (Pan/ Tilt/ Zoom) Camera – These cameras are able to be moved left or right (panning) up and down (tilting) and can even zoom closer to and farther from the object in question.  These cameras are used in situations where a guard or surveillance specialist is present to operate the security system.  These cameras are capable of 200m IR night vision, 36x optical zoom and high quality image resolution.
  •   Dome Camera – Can be used for indoor and outdoor surveillance.  An air of uncertainty is created through the design whereby onlookers aren’t able to say which way the camera is facing – thereby deterring crime.  These cameras come complete with vandal-resistant features and IR night vision. 

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