Multi-Net Systems specialise in the supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Gas Detection Systems such as the Li-ion Tamer Gen3 system.

Lithium-Ion Batteries Off Gas Detection

The Li-ion Tamer Gen3 system is designed for early detection of failing lithium-ion batteries through off-gas detection, providing warning before smoke or conventional gas detectors. It allows for proactive mitigation to prevent catastrophic thermal runaway. The system is scalable and cost-effective, offering multi-point temperature and humidity measurements and easy installation.

Advantages include ensuring business continuity, early detection of battery failures, scalability for various installations, granular environmental measurements, rack-level detection, prevention of false alarms, low maintenance, and compatibility with various lithium-ion batteries.

Applications for this system include Solar Battery Containers, Stationary Battery Energy Storage, Data Centers, Manufacturing, Automotive Facilities, Laboratory Safety, and Shipping and Storage. The system has approvals such as ETL listing for product safety, compliance with EU directives, and RoHS compliance.

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