At Multi-Net Systems we specialise in the installation and maintenance of Fire Extinguishers, Hose Reels and Fire Hydrants, thereby ensuring functionality in the event of a fire emergency and limiting the destruction caused by fire.

A Basic Service should be done on Fire Extinguishers on an annual basis, to ensure that no partial or complete discharge had taken place, and that no corrosion is present; extinguishers deemed unfit for use should be removed from site, thereby ensuring the safety of the user.

An Extended Service is to be carried out every five years, and consists of a more detailed examination, including a test discharge of the extinguisher and subsequent recharging.

All extinguishers should be replaced every ten years.

Why should Fire Extinguishers be serviced?

  • To ensure that the temper seal is holding the safety pin in place and gives an indication that the extinguisher could not have been discharged.
  • To ensure that the gauge is giving an accurate reading of the pressure inside the cylinder.
  • The body of the extinguisher is inspected to determine if any corrosion, dents or gouges are present, to ensure that there is no danger of the extinguisher bursting and seriously injuring the user. If any of the necessary information on the extinguisher is no longer legible the extinguisher is to be condemned.
  • The hose will be inspected to ensure that the extinguishant will not leak during discharge, due to the hose being torn, frayed or damaged in any way. Which will subsequently lead to the Fire Extinguisher being less effective, due to not all of the extinguishing agent reaching the blaze.